Older Adults

Active. Connected. Cared for. That's what aging looks like here.

Adults over 60 are the fastest-growing group of New Yorkers, and we’ve partnered with our older neighbors to design a thoughtful range of social and recreational activities that promote Longevity through Education, Art, Recreation and Nutrition (LEARN), ensuring that older adults are active, connected, and cared for. It’s what aging should look like.

Every year, more than 2000 of our neighbors participate in programs ranging from water aerobics and social dancing to music and cultural offerings, at our sites across the Lower East Side and in Brooklyn.

Good health promotes and enhances longevity. We partner with older people in our communities as they pursue healthy lifestyles and navigate the healthcare system. Through our programs, our neighbors access gyms and exercise classes, as well as educational seminars on health, wellness, and nutrition. Nursing students provide regular basic health screenings and checkups, and our teams are experienced in trouble-shooting insurance issues, making connections with resources including social services and mental health resources, and developing supportive relationships with caregivers.  

We cultivate a community of life-long learners – curious and engaged minds always have a home at University Settlement! Participants access a variety of social learning opportunities, including culture and technology classes, field trips to cultural institutions, and advocacy engagement. We also offer relevant workshops on topics including personal finance, mental health and wellness, and housing support.

People of every age benefit from expressing themselves creatively, and artistic training and practice are embedded in every aspect of our programming, giving elders access to fun and challenging courses in performing and visual arts.

We engage our neighbors in peer-supported physical activity that builds community – including exercise classes, Tai Chi, a walking club, and Zumba. Elders can meet and get to know one another at the many festive events we coordinate throughout the year. And participants can reconnect with old friends and faraway relatives in our technology center.

We provide two healthy, delicious and culturally diverse meals (breakfast and lunch) to approximately 150 seniors, five days a week. We also deliver meals daily to more than 200 homebound older adults through our Meals on Wheels program, providing us the opportunity to check in with them, and inquire whether they need additional assistance.


Physical activity, creative expression, peer support, and community building with adults 50+, at the Houston Street Center.


Engaging adults 60+ on the Lower East Side as they continue building connected, active, inspired lives.


The center of our campus for Older Adults on the Lower East Side, at 189 Allen Street.


Partnering with residents of the Naturally Occurring Retirement Community at Village View to create varied, vibrant programming.


Improving quality of life for homebound older adults and caregivers with home visits, legal services, apartment safety modifications, and more.

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