Park Slope North Early Childhood Center

Child care where we learn through being loved

Creativity, exploration, and discovery. At Park Slope North, we know the benefits of play-based learning. Children are encouraged to become self-directed, follow their curiosity, and solve problems. This approach sparks imaginations, supports children’s language, develops social emotional skills, and enhances their cognitive, math, and spatial awareness. 

We welcome children from 12 months through four years of age. Our teacher to student ratio is kept low, securing individualized care and attention. We work on building strong relationships and teaching our young ones life skills.  Children learn to collaborate, be part of a community, and build lifelong relationships. We support the whole child in their growth across all developmental domains.

For many children and their families, we know Park Slope North may be their first exposure to a school environment. We want this first experience for our children and their families to be one filled with success, growth and joy. With the understanding that the parents are a child’s primary educator, our work with families is one of collaboration, open communication and partnership.

This program is open 12 months with extended day program hours. We have Universal Pre-Kindergarten, as well as EarlyLearn and private tuition fees for enrollment. 


To learn more about how your child can join our educational community, please fill out our inquiry form, taking care to indicate your interest in the Park Slope North Early Childhood Center

For more information, please contact us at (718) 638-4100

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