Pathways to growth & development

The adolescent years can be thrilling, full of opportunity and growth – but for many families in our neighborhoods, they can also be a time of vulnerability. We partner with young people to create safe, fun, purpose-driven environments where they can begin building their futures. 

Our youth programs partner with community schools to ensure learning continues in the afternoon hours, giving working parents peace of mind. Homework helps keep kids on task. Sports and the arts help young people learn how to lead and value their own perspectives. Creative cultural activities inspire community activism while awakening lifelong talents. Throughout our work, we center youth voice, which helps build engagement and self-esteem. We also integrate mentorships, internships, and college access programs so young people can envision their own paths forward, whether that means further education or a chosen vocation. And the fun and learning continue in summer camp.

Working with young people as they achieve academic performance and emotional development is a crucial part of our work to build community strength.


Creative spaces where every aspect of a child’s development is supported, after the school bell rings.


For young children, relationships with parents and primary caregivers form the basis for future learning, development, and social-emotional well-being.


At East Side Community High School, our Beacon offers a wide range of focused after-school activities, plus summer camp.


Our college guidance program partners with young people as they navigate applications, testing, enrollment, and more.

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