George Lam, Artist-In-Residence at the Performance Project, Was Featured on a NPR Segment about His Work on “Family Association”

AIR at TPP - George Lam

George Lam, Artist-in-Residence at The Performance Project, was featured on an NPR segment about his work on “Family Association” – a free app that use narrates the experiences of various Chinese Americans and sets their stories to music.

“There are all these places in Chinatown that are both hidden and meaningful.” he explains. “I was thinking, if I embed these stories within music and also within a place, then you as a listener get to hear them in a different way — you start connecting with, oh well, I’ve walked by this building so many times, going to work, going to a restaurant, and now I can associate [those places] with this voice that’s talking how about this person came here or who their grandfather was,

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