Rivington House has been one of the city's largest nursing homes for AIDS patients run by VillageCare, a citywide nonprofit. VillageCare sold Rivington House to the Allure Group, a for-profit nursing home chain, in February 2015 for $28 million. They then sold Rivington House for $116 million to luxury developers in February 2016 - a move made possible because the City of New York lifted a deed restriction that required the facility to be "limited in perpetuity to a not-for-profit residential health care facility" in November 2015.

University Settlement's headquarters has been across the street from this "public good" building for over 100 years, and along with many residents and leaders across the community, is asking Mayor Bill de Blasio to reverse the deed restriction and return Rivington House to a community usage. We see too many neighborhood residents and elders living at risk of losing their housing every single day. We need your support to make our voices heard on this important neighborhood issue.

Sign the petition online now to save Rivington House! and preserve it as a community asset for our neighbors!


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