Tuânminh Albert Đỗ

Tuânminh Albert Đỗ (he/him/em) – I am a mixed-Vietnamese, Polish immigrant, interdisciplinary artist based in NYC and I have received my BFA at NYU Tisch Drama. My artistic mission demands generating new, conscious content and reforming old conventions to heal, interrogate, support, represent, and bring joy for all aspects of our innate humanity. To comfort the discomforted and discomfort the comforted. My artistic practice involves performance, acting, writing, devising, music, collaboration, choreography, directing and more. Recent projects involve: “First Violin: Darshan,” (2021) at Mabou Mines, by Sean Devare; “Lời Ru,” (Lullaby) (2021) Short Film, won Best International Film at Gona Film Awards, Official Selection at MAM Fest, Artist-At-Home program at Theater Mitu; “NYC-Berlin CyberCypher,” (2021)Hip Hop Re:Education Project, Gangway e.V. and Goethe-Institute;Music for “Don’t Say Vagina,” (2020) and “Transplant,” (2021) recognized by a total of 14 different film festivals. “Charlotte Lucas is 27 and Not Dead,” (Mr. Bingley/Mr.Bennet/Colonel Fitzwilliam) by James Salem and Jessie Field presented at All Out Arts 2021-22 Fresh Fruit Festival. (Photo: Momo Takahashi)

Bai-Ka is a multimedia company I opened last year to produce original projects that reflected my lived experience, something I felt was not represented amidst the American canon. This then led to the liberation, collaboration, and promotion of other new work created by many artists of the immigrant experience. Today, our mission is to not only find and share real, true, simple, complex stories of the global majority, but also to release the capture of immigrant stories told through a single lense. Bai-Ka strives to provide a plethora of faces and voices which in turn – through its chaotic and harmonious existence – brings us closer to understanding and respect for our shared humanity.



I will create a devised Song Cycle / Reading / Performance focused on love and immigration. I would like to base the project on 6-8 voices from the community in conversation with me. Each person’s story will be depicted using art tools that resonate with the story. Some common artistic themes I would like to introduce throughout the piece are music, spoken word, dance, movement, acting, lighting, singing, and recordings of community members utilizing both audio and various visual forms (35mm, 16mm, Digital) to encapsulate the timelessness of their life. My project vision could be reflective of some of the work by Paulo K Tiról in “On This Side of the World,” or the story-telling in Ntozake Shange’s, “For Colored Girls…” I would like the presentation of the piece to be an in-person performance that will be recorded, to be stored and shared with everyone.

Photographer: Momo Takahashi
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