The next generation of community-building social workers

Master of Social Work interns at orientation

Thanks to your partnership, we continue to support the learning and professional experience of the next generation of community-building social workers, and they in turn have a huge impact on our work. This fall, we had the exciting opportunity to welcome 32 social work interns to our programs, the majority of whom are placed in our mental health programs.

Cate Graney, Director of our Home Based Crisis Intervention program and Graduate Student partnerships, has worked to create a cohesive and data-driven approach to our MSW practicum experience. She shared:

“Our social work interns bring their unique perspectives and individualized experiences to our neighbors participating in mental health programming. Their eagerness to learn and keen sense for culturally responsive care brings a new vibrance to our community.”

With the help of our social work interns in our mental health programs, we have:

  • Added Creole and French language speaking capacity. In fact, 63% of our current cohort speak more than one language.
  • Created a space where interns’ backgrounds are reflective of the demographics of our community. While 70% of existing social workers in the US are white, the majority of our social work interns identify as people of color.
  • Deepened our commitment to centering mental health care around social justice and cultural competence.
Eve, MSW Intern

Here’s what Eve, one of our MSW interns working with families to prevent crises and build peace at home, has to say about her experience in the community:

“When working with our neighbors, I seek to center restorative approaches to conflict. How can we use our stories to feel more connected? Every neighbor has changed me and changed the way I see the world.

Your continued support allows for a holistic learning experience for our stellar MSW interns and greater access to culturally responsive mental health care for our neighbors. We are grateful to be a part of enriching the careers of future social service professionals and to be the beneficiaries of their talents. Thank you for supporting US!

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