JASMINE EILEEN COLES (she/her) – Jasmine Eileen Coles is a performance artist based in New York City. She is a certified Health and Healing Practitioner and Nutritionist with 10 years of experience as a Nanny as well as 9 years of experience creating and developing Early Childhood Enrichment programs. Jasmine has worked 13 years as a Teaching Artist devising theatrical productions with youth examining their life experiences. The vast differences between the elite white Nanny industry and the teaching artist industry in under-resourced communities motivates Jasmine’s work. Jasmine is skilled in capturing a child’s cheerful interrogation, affirming that questions can be more valuable than answers. She is driven by a child’s sense of discovery, emphasizing that resolution is not always how a tale ends. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and her art practice is rooted in Ritual Poetic Drama, a methodology created by Dr. Tawyna Pettiford Wates. It prioritizes discovery as well as the cyclical nature of life, death, and transformation as a new beginning versus an ending.

Website: Thetaleofchefkale.com

PERFORMANCE PROJECT: “The Tale of Chef Kale” is a theatrical experience based in story telling that offers an opportunity for children and families to learn about and celebrate the nourishment and healing connected to our bodies, our communities, and our food. This immersive experience explores the meaning of soul food with curiosity and wonder, offering a holistic perspective to wellness. This action packed experience is chock full of mindful eating tips, nutrition education, and live cooking demonstrations featuring recipes that prioritize fresh organic fruits and vegetables for everyone to taste. “The Tale of Chef Kale” studies the connection between taste, flavor, and memory to redefine eating experiences around soul food. While sharing live food preparations and demonstrations, “The Tale of Chef Kale” captivates childrens’ senses and explains the way our body can give us signs for what we need to heal and nourish ourselves.
Headshot of Artist in Residence, Najee Omar
“[Community] has a lot to do with listening, has a lot to do active listening, it has a lot to do with truly showing up present for people and showing up whole and healthy for each other.”
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