x (they/themme) is a TRANSdisciplinary artist who works in time-based media, painting, and installation. They are curious about the performativity of self and explore performance using their lived experiences, mental illness, and gender as the landscape for processing emotions. Their work is, at times, abstract, Afrofuturist, whimsical and somber. x uses their body as a vessel for communicating these ideas through an athleticism of emotional and physical being. Their installations are experiential and immersive, with an honest perspective of how x sees themmeself and navigates a world that continually tells themme to “shut up and go away”. x has shown their work in Budapest, Detroit, Ithaca, NY, and NYC. They are currently an Assistant Teaching Artist at Mark Morris Dance Center and the Community Engagement Coordinator for Ni’Ja Whitson’s project, Illumination Catalogue.

Instagram: @tittyglow.jpg

Website: https://x-itsjustx.com


Headshot of Fellow, x
“To be a Fellow for The Performance Project at University Settlement is such a rewarding opportunity and humbling position to be in. I look forward to connecting with my communities and making new connections. I will share my story through my artistic practice and hope that it resonated with those who need to hear it. I am excited to dive in and bear witness to what this fellowship year will reveal and how it will unfold.”
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