Rita Liu (she/her) is a Taiwanese movement artist, story listener, and feeling supporter. She enjoys making warm and soft theatrical experiences that play with the juxtaposition between movements, interviews, and text-based soundscapes. Rita believes that theatre can teach us how to listen deeply to ourselves, others, and the daily world. Therefore, she is now on a journey facilitating creative workshops with non-theatre people, and inviting them to create arts from their lives. As a teaching artist, Rita has partnered with Waterwell Drama Program, Queens Theater, and Creative Caregivers. She has also been an actress and director in various productions, including The Good Soul of Szechuan, All in the Timing, If We Were Birds and other independent works. Rita holds a MA in Educational Theatre from NYU.

Instagram: @hakuna_ritata

Website: https://rita-liu.com

Photographer: Ricardo Birnbaum
“I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to be invited as a part of the Fellows. Can’t wait to join a community that sprinkles the ice cream toppings through inspiring conversations, supportive space, and transformative growth as I flow through my artistic journey.”
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