Ankita (they/them) is a bold emerging artist interested in creating genre-resistant performance that holds meaning for diverse audiences. They invest in mining shades of darkness with visceral, immersive work so that audiences can reckon with the uncomfortable and leave reflecting in new ways. Physically, their movement practices are rooted in and draw from contemporary dance, dance theater, and forms from both the South Asian and African diaspora. Ankita holds a B.A. in Dance and Anthropology from Colorado College. They are currently based in Brooklyn, NY, and  their work has been shown in Colorado, California, and along the east coast. Ankita’s strengths lie in pushing physical capacities and techniques in unconventional ways and creating tense, emotionally-charged performances. Their work and perspective has been characterized as being in conflict with the world around them and responsive to a sense of danger in their environment. Ankita believes these traits to be a reflection of their lived experience as a queer brown artist feeling displaced in a Western dance world. Ultimately, they are a feeling, perceptive, and quiet individual who wants to share their felt world with others. Increasingly, they are drawn to world-building and the art of interactive, immersive dance/theater as the future of experiential story-telling with heightened impact and the ability to build context and understanding for audiences.

Instagram: @nki.creates


Photographer: Erica MacLean
“It’s an immense honor to be enriched by the voices of up and coming artists for an entire year. Developing work and receiving resources to pursue creation while building community amongst those at similar stages of their career is a gift in a place as competitive as NYC.”
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