Hallie Chametzky

Hallie Chametzky (she/her) – Hallie Chametzky is a performer, choreographer, writer, and archivist gratefully residing in East Harlem, New York City. Her choreographic work unites movement and text in dance theater events which often feature archival audio, images, and research sources. Hallie seeks to interrogate societal ideas of historical and contemporary womanhood. Her work also embraces Jewish themes and the activism and leftist politics which are central to her Jewishness. Her recent work has been shown by Undiscovered Countries, The Craft, 7Midnights Physical Research, and Fertile Ground at Green Space.

In addition to her dance practice, Hallie is a poet and dance writer. Her poems have been published by Gigantic Sequins, Indolent Books, and Z Publishing House, among others, and her dance writing has appeared in Contact Quarterly, Dance Magazine, Dancegeist, First of the Month, and the Library of Congress Performing Arts Reading Room Blog. Combining her interests in dance, language, primary source materials, history, legacy, and cultural heritage, Hallie has held roles in dance archiving at the Library of Congress, Jacob’s Pillow, and Dance/USA.

Instagram: @halliechametzky

Website: https://www.halliechametzky.com/

Headshot of Fellow, Hallie Chametzky
“In this time of overlapping crises, there is no greater gift than to be given time, space, and resources to create and discuss art. I am grateful to be invited into a community of artist peers who are radically imagining the worlds they want to see through performance.”
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