Gabriel Torres (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist from Colombia and New York. Gabriel’s work deals in the conversations between community engagement, creative placemaking, theater making and film. Gabriel has worked in Hong Kong, NYC, and Colombia as an educator, documentarian, theater director, and community engagement consultant. Gabriel is currently working on Haus of Dust, a campaign to bring awareness about substance use in latinx queer communities from his personal experience. Haus of Dust is a successful collaboration between Gabriel and a collective of 10+ artists and institutions working to bring forth the project.


Photographer: David Oramas
“I am very excited about this fellowship, because of the impact and love University Settlement has historically provided, as well as the opportunity to research, inquire and create more performance work, which I haven’t been able to do due to many reasons. As I accept this opportunity, I am currently in a spiritual and rehabilitation program in the mountains of Antioquia Colombia, and I feel incredibly grateful and excited about the future, and what I will create, what we will make!”
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