Project Home

We all count on the comfort of home. But for many working poor, the danger of losing their housing is an ever-present worry. 

When immigrants crowded into Lower East Side tenements, University Settlement advocated for housing reforms to bring in light, reduce noise, provide better sanitation and establish humane living conditions. Today, conditions have improved, but the threat of homelessness remains very real.

When poverty is a core issue, a family can face difficulties that rapidly cascade. The loss of a job can quickly mean the loss of housing. Family instability and domestic violence can also jeopardize housing. And sometimes landlords unfairly try to force tenants out of their apartment to profit from the rising rents of gentrification.

With walk-in offices on the Lower East Side for the past two decades, University Settlement's innovative Project Home tackles the threat of homelessness head on.  Project Home case managers embody what University Settlement is all about. They partner with their clients, offer a helping hand, and encourage them to recognize and develop their own strengths.  

And the case managers consider the whole family. Often other University Settlement programs and services can help the family to move ahead once the housing crisis has passed.  For low-income families -- often with serious educational disadvantages and difficulty with English -- having a trusted partner to help them make a plan and offer support enables them to navigate towards a brighter future.

Ensuring a stable home is the first step in helping a whole family achieve a brighter future, and it makes all the difference.


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