LEARN at University Settlement: Longevity through Education, Art, Recreation and Nutrition

A new vision for aging


Active. Connected. Cared for. That's what aging should look like.

From our earliest work in the community, older immigrants knew they would find companionship at University Settlement. In the decades since, the Settlement's older adults programs have offered nutritious meals, popular activities like social dancing, social networking, music and culture, and most of all, a sense of community.

University Settlement's new vision for aging takes older adults programs to a whole new level. From water aerobics to computer classes, University Settlement provides a range of social and recreational opportunities that increase wellness for more than 2,000 older adults. Our approach to empowering older adults is simple: education, art, recreation and nutrition.


Through our health and wellness program at the Neighborhood Center, older adults have access to health screenings as well as health and nutrition seminars. An integrated emphasis on emotional health means that we can provide older neighbors with the information and care that will empower them to feel their absolute best, physically and mentally. We also provide advocacy and volunteering opportunities.

For older adults at risk of losing their housing, Project Home – located conveniently inside the Neighborhood Center – can offer assistance and long-term support. Our trained staff can help protect tenants' housing rights, find programs or services and apply for benefits such as the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE).


Both the Neighborhood Center and the HEART Program offer courses in performing and visual arts. We recognize older adults as lifelong learners and community leaders, so classes often reflect the needs and desires of this growing population.

The Creative Center at University Settlement provides opportunities for artistic expression to adults at all stages in the aging continuum through fun and challenging art classes and experiences. Our Artist-in-Residence programs bring the experience of making art to older adults, enabling them to express their amazing talents, which is connected to living a better and healthier life.


Our HEART Program offers opportunities that emphasize physical activity, peer support and community building. From instructional aquatic exercise to photography, IPad classes and a movie club, HEART participants take one-of-a-kind classes that they help us select.

Older adults can also participate in exercise classes, tai chi, a walking club and Zumba, as well as join festive events throughout the year at our Neighborhood Center. Members can also use our Technology Center to access different social networking sites to reconnect with old friends and faraway relatives.


Food is an important part of every community. Today, our Neighborhood Center provides two healthy, delicious and culturally diverse meals (breakfast and lunch) to approximately 150 seniors, five days a week. We also deliver meals daily to more than 200 older adults who are homebound through our Meals on Wheels Program, providing us the opportunity to check in with them, and inquire whether they need additional assistance.


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