Mental Health Services

The stresses of poverty are a powerful trigger for mental health problems like depression and anxiety. And, left untreated, chronic mental illness can have a devastating impact on the individual who suffers as well as their family and community.

We all know families fortunate enough to have health insurance who still struggle to find and afford appropriate mental health services for a loved one.  For low-income families, finding help for a family member with mental health issues can be an insurmountable obstacle. 

University Settlement has long recognized and responded to this challenge with its innovative Consultation Center. Established over 65 years ago, this fully-licensed outpatient mental health clinic is a trusted resource. It offers high-quality therapy and treatment from culturally-sensitive professionals in a warm and caring environment. A Sliding Fee Schedule is available and clients are not denied services for inability to pay.

The expertise gained through these years of service has given University Settlement the unique capacity to develop a broad range of other mental health services for specific populations, including emotionally disturbed adolescents, families suffering with domestic violence and sexual abuse, and young children facing trauma at home and at school.

Helping families to avert the pain and grief that mental illness can bring is a smart idea, and it makes all the difference.


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