Youth and Families with Special Needs

Many after-school or summer programs are not equipped or prepared for children, teens and young adults with special needs. Our EXCEL program is tailored exclusively to them, providing supportive and fun, engaging recreational courses.  

EXCEL includes instruction in swim, baking, art, drama, computers & technology, career development and healthy expression. It's one of the only programs of its kind - where individuals with special needs can get the support they need in a holistic environment with creative engagement, physical activity, leadership development and more. 

Call 212-475-5008 to enroll and/or complete the enrollment form and submit to or the staff at the Houston Street Center's front desk.

You can also fill out the enrollment form now and email it to us

All of our low-cost program fees at the Houston Street Center support our mission of providing holistic care for low-income New Yorkers of all ages.

Check out our Spring 2017 schedule (February - April) for EXCEL below, or in further detail online now!

Did you know that we also rent our Houston Street Center space? Check it out!


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