PLAY TANK Ensemble Productions

First Production

After a highly successful March 2012 premier of PLAY TANK's first production, 20 City Something, PLAY TANK was asked to perform scenes from the show and facilitate workshops at staff trainings for several University Settlement programs and for the International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers.

20 City Something offers audiences tremendous insight into why youth workers are inspired to serve children and it captures, with humor and heart, the range of challenges that these workers confront on a daily basis.

The ensemble members also applied the creative methods and practices they learned to projects they designed and carried out with youth. All the program directors who supervise PLAY TANK members at their job sites have reported observing tremendous personal and professional growth in these staff members. These program directors have also shared that the show itself helped other young staff feel more connected to and represented by the Settlement.

Second Production

University Settlement's PLAY TANK Theater Ensemble presented its second original production JUST'US, offering up a 21st century vision for social justice. Collaboratively written and performed by University Settlement staff who know first-hand the struggles that working families and individuals currently face in New York City, the show represents a challenge from the front lines to employ creativity, commitment and faith as our primary vehicles for change.

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