The Performance Project Fellowship

"The Performance Project Fellowship provided me with a platform, circle of supporters and physical space among other resources to more thoroughly explore my own artistic ideas and endeavors. I was able to develop the first longer-form version of my show [Between], which is a solo work investigating my historical situation as a black/middle person. Composing this project proved challenging and creatively rigorous in a way that I would not have undertaken without the encouragement of this program! If what you're looking for is a springboard to develop yourself and your own blossoming artistic vision, I highly recommend applying to the Fellowship." -Aliyah Hakim (2016-2017 Fellow)

The Performance Project Fellowship is a year-long creative career mentorship program. It is specifically designed for local, early emerging artists/cultural organizers (between the ages of 18-26) who want the intensive support needed to build a sustainable career in the creative sector. The Fellows will produce work and curate a festival produced and presented by The Performance Project. The year will culminate with each fellow developing a package of materials to support moving their projects and career forward.

Fellows will receive:

  • The opportunity to have work professionally promoted and presented.
  • Individualized creative career coaching and career development workshops.
  • Support in developing a resume, bio and performance reel.
  • Support in expanding their professional network and selecting opportunities to acquire additional professional credentials.
  • Referral to University Settlement services that can provide crucial support, such as housing advocacy, workforce development and individual counseling support. 
  • A $500 stipend at the completion of the Fellowship Program.

Fellows commit to:

  • Attending a day-long retreat at the beginning and end of the fellowship.
  • Participating in 8 career development workshops throughout the year.
  • Meeting monthly as a group to give and receive feedback on their artistic progress, challenges and accomplishments.
  • Meeting individually with the Program Director every 6 weeks.
  • Developing a 25-45 minute performance of new work that will be professionally presented as part of The Fellowship Flow Festival in the fall of 2018.
  • Creatively documenting the fellowship program journey through social media, a journal or some other format. 
  • Fellows must be prepared and committed to fully participating in this fellowship process. Participation in all peer-share meetings and workshops is required. Fellows are able to miss up to 2 sessions with advance notice. Lateness must always be communicated in advance. Poor attendance and repeated lateness will result in a probation period or dismissal from the program.

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