Artists-in-Residence Selection Process & Application

If you are interested in becoming an AIR, we encourage you to get to know us before submitting the formal application. Carefully read about our programming and our AIR call. Attend a community event, reach out to our staff, and don't hesitate to ask us questions about our programming.

We are now accepting applications for our 2019-2020 Artists-in-Residence.

Our selection progress has three rounds and ensures that we, as a community, are collectively extending an invitation to create among us.

Our core creative team initially reviews the applications, looking for clear expressions of artistic excellence, the experience level needed to achieve ambitious goals, and the personal insights needed to connect with a truly diverse community.

Our core creative team selects and then conducts in-person interviews with 8 to 10 finalists. These finalists are then coached to prepare a short informal video pitch that will be shared with a panel of staff from across our organization, as well as community members, former AIRS, and arts leaders who are familiar with our work and our community. The panel's feedback determines which artists are a good fit for University Settlement within the upcoming year.

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