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Stanton Park Building Workshop

July 13, 2016
BRC Senior Services Center
30 Delancey Street (between Forsyth & Chrystie)

Workshops offering information, strategies, tools, discussions, snacks, neighbors – what could be better?

The Stanton Building inside Sara Roosevelt Park has remained vacant and is rapidly deteriorating. This workshop and discussion will help us find tools to make the building a public resource, and provide an outlet for us to share our ideas on what the space could be.

Could we reimagine this decrepit building and the container carton alongside it, with cars and trucks in the park 24/7 that now attracts traffic drive-throughs and misuse, as a resiliency hub? A homeless services 'urban hub'? local meeting space? a wild bird conservation center? indigenous plant center, youth center? with bathrooms that are maintained and serviced 24/7?

Imagine the building with those window reglazed, the doors fixed, the brick repainted, a greenroof with solar panels, with back-up chargers available for the next superstorm? with Wi-Fi available to the neighborhood and chairs and tables and plants in front to attract positive shared use?

What are your ideas? Come share them!


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