Your Advocacy Road Map to StepUp!

Mar 15, 2012 | | categories: Advocacy

Take Action and Step Up TODAY!

You might have noticed the start of advocacy season with an influx of emails, posts and tweets urging you to contact your local representatives on behalf of the many vital services provided by organizations like University Settlement. Making a phone call, sending an email or signing a petition might seem like a small contribution for a cause worthy of a lot of time – but that action goes a long way when combined with the effort of others.

However, sometimes the smallest of tasks can seem daunting – so we've rounded up a set of resources to help constituents like you find and reach your representatives with ease. Check them out and tell us what you've done to make your voice heard this advocacy season!

  • This website is easy as 1-2-3. Just put in your address, borough, and click to see who represents you at the local, state and federal level. Your information remains confidential and the best part – everything is displayed in a map, so you can search other important neighborhood information, including the nearest education, health and youth services centers – even parks and wifi hotspots so you can check our blog on the go!
  • This is a great tool for contacting your Senators, Representatives and Governors. Just click on your state and see an alphabetical listing of your representatives. Emailing the Governor leads you to a contact form that you can fill out online ( and offers a variety of topics to choose from.
  • All you have to do on this site is fill out an email form and click "send message" to have your email sent directly to your representatives. Providing your zip code also allows you to see biographies for all the Elected Officials who represent you.
  • Want to send an email to your local Representative? Just fill out this simple form and you'll be taken directly to your Representative's contact page. The only catch is that you will need your zip code + 4 digits – which you can find here:!input.action
  • Again, just enter your address and all your representatives and their contact pages plus phone numbers will be listed in one place.

So are you ready to put these new tools to use? We're launching StepUp - an advocacy campaign designed to spread awareness about decreased funding for Eviction Prevention Programs in New York City. We're calling on passionate advocates (that's you!) to speak out on behalf of the City's most vulnerable individuals. Join our campaign by following us on twitter and liking us on Facebook - and be sure to look for the hashtag #StepUp next week!

Don't miss "It's Your Call" - a fun video created by some enthusiastic advocates that demonstrates just how easy (and enjoyable) reaching your Representatives can be!

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