Time for a Facelift!

Oct 6, 2011 | University Settlement

For the past 125 years University Settlement has seen continued advances in programming implemented by responsive staff striving to serve the many individuals and families who make up the fabric of the Lower East Side community.

More recently that community has expanded - and not just geographically. With the advent of social media, University Settlement has been able to reach far beyond the Lower East Side, creating a web of contacts across the Internet. We've seen connections develop with social advocates, young innovators, and respected delegates across New York, the United States, and the world. These individuals, combined with the 25,000 served by our programs, make up the committed and dynamic community that we've been proud to serve thus far. Today, it is only natural that we are bringing the voices of that community to the next level with a blog that is stimulating and interactive.

We are eager to start blogging and sharing our stories with you. We see this blog as the next step to deepening the budding connections that have started to develop. You can already tweet US, like US - and now you can get your daily dose of settlement insight straight from the diverse staff at University Settlement!

What I'll be checking out at University Settlement this week:
The Door's Fall Kick-Off - Thursday October 6th, 4-7PM!
Nothing reminds me of fall more than a good old fashioned carnival - and that's just what The Door has in store for you at their 2011 Fall Kick Off! It's the one time a year that the space will be completely open to the public and it's a great way to see what's being offered in the coming year. With the addition of Broome Street Academy in the building, staff at The Door expect this to be the biggest kick off to date - plus you can see some of our favorite young performers who have been garnering attention throughout the city all summer long! Be sure to stop by 555 Broome Street this Thursday and let us know what you enjoyed most at the Kick-Off!

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