Study: Model Adopted by US Pre-K Classes Leads to Better Mental Health

Nov 22, 2016 |

An innovative approach that we use in University Settlement PreK classrooms makes a major difference in promoting mental well-being in young children, according to a study of ParentCorps, a model for family intervention employed at three of our early education sites.

A study of about 1,050 students published last month in Jama Pediatrics found that, relative to their peers in prekindergarten programs, children in ParentCorps-enhanced prekindergarten had significantly better mental health and academic performance 3 years later.

Parent Corps is implemented through a weekly series of 14 2-hour group sessions for both parents and children. Our trained social workers facilitate 14 sessions with parents where they present strategies such as establishing structure and routines, providing opportunities for positive interactions during play, and using positive reinforcement and discipline. Meanwhile, trained teachers lead 14 child group sessions to promote social, emotional and self-regulatory skills.

Family-centered early intervention has the potential to prevent problems and reduce disparities for low-income minority children.

Thrive NY and the Community Partnership of NYU Medical Center support ParentCorps in our classrooms and professional development. Our Butterflies program works together with our educators and family support staff to implement this highly effective program.

Read more about how ParentCorps is helping children build skills for a successful future here.


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