NYC Narratives and Treasured Tales with the Adult Literacy Program

May 20, 2014 |

"Life is a trip, and we cannot predict what will happen to us," write Jia Wei Xu. Xu came to the United States - and to US - nine months ago from Shanghai, China. Now several months after starting an advanced writing class with our Adult Literacy Program, Xu has come face to face with something she never predicted: being a published writer.

Jia is just one of 400 students the Adult Literacy Program teaches each year, but she - along with two others, Tammie Tai and Stephen Wang - excelled in her course and impressed her teachers. To showcase their progress and skills, the program director and teachers submitted their stories to the Gallatin Literacy Review, an annual publication that highlights new writers from literacy programs across the city. 

Students in these courses come to improve on their existing skills, to gain confidence to communicate with their new neighbors and more. Many of these students, though, obtain something greater – a chance to share their narratives from their new home AND to share their treasured tales of their own histories, from Shanghai to Xi'an to Istanbul. Sharing their lives and stories with us is empowering, and reminds them that their new home will always be connected to where they came from.

Check out the stories of three of our Adult Literacy students - Tammie Tai, Jia Wei Xu and Stephen Wang - in the 2014 edition of the Gallatin Literacy Review.

Want to hear more from the Adult Literacy students? Check out the video of some of the students on their way to the Literacy Review conference.


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