Legacy of Light to our Second Century

Jan 30, 2013 | | categories: History

Originally published in 1986, Jeffrey Scheuer's Legacy of Light beautifully described the history of our first 100 years starting locally in the Lower East Side. Today we are excited to offer an updated addition, University Settlement's Second Century, written by our CEO Michael Zisser. This updated version offers insight into the victories and challenges that we have faced both as an organization and a community over the past twenty-five years. Throughout it all, one thing has remained constant: the strength of our supporters and staff. We thank you for joining our growing network.

Here is a brief excerpt from the new addition, which you can download in full here!

"...When University Settlement celebrated its 100th anniversary, there was considerable uncertainty as to the future of the organization, the future of the community, and even the future of the settlement house movement. Twenty-five years later, uncertainty has been replaced by energy, excitement, creativity, and success. There are challenges, but these are met by an entrepreneurial spirit and a firm conviction in the value of our work. We decided that this special year had to exemplify the strength of the settlement movement, and the leadership role played by University Settlement..."

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