A word from US for the new mayor

Nov 7, 2013 | see full post | categories: Advocacy , History

On the heels of New York City's mayoral election, Chief Executive Officer Michael H. Zisser offers insight into some of the new mayor's most important decisions... continue

University Settlement's Houston Street Center: 47 Years in the Making

Aug 29, 2013 | see full post | categories: Celebrations , History

While you can debate the best restaurants, cultural centers and parks in town, there's one great thing about New York City that you can't deny: the diversity of our neighbors. University Settlement has not only been responding to the needs and wants of our neighbors, but also celebrating their diversity since our beginning. One outstanding example of that can be seen in our Houston Street Center, the result of the Cooper Square Committee's Alternate Plan for Cooper Square, a community effort that transformed a once vacant space in the heart of the Lower East Side. So now, as the Lower East Side is on the verge of another new development in the Seward Park Mixed-Use Development Project, we wanted to remember the positive change that comes when communities unite to meet the needs of our vibrant city. Read below for the complete history, excerpted from our 2006 HSC Gala Opening Celebration booklet. continue

Legacy of Light to our Second Century

Jan 30, 2013 | see full post | categories: History

Originally published in 1986, Jeffrey Scheuer's Legacy of Light beautifully described the history of our first 100 years starting locally in the Lower East Side. Today we are excited to offer an updated addition, University Settlement's Second Century, written by our CEO Michael Zisser. This updated version offers insight into the victories and challenges that we have faced both as an organization and a community over the past twenty-five years. Throughout it all, one thing has remained constant: the strength of our supporters and staff. continue

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