Going the Distance with Nike and the Beacon Program

Feb 5, 2014 |

Our Beacon Program young adults are going the distance with Nike at their sides. At the end of January, Nike had a field activity in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl. US Beacon participants were invited to come to Nike's Hall of Innovation at Moynihan Station, located at 33rd Street between 8th & 9th Avenue. The Hall of Innovation is inspired by athletes and made to unleash speed. Participants went to see the curated space, go through an obstacle course and run a 40-yard dash.

One of the program's coaches, Louis, chaperoned the trip and had great things to say about the experience:

It was a day to remember. First, at the entrance, we get to take a group picture with a camera coming from the ceiling. From that, we saw all the history behind every single shoe from 1987 up to now, from the famous Bo Jackson Nike to Megatron - the most developed shoe in the world. That was very educational. From there, we saw the material they use to make those shoes, all the different ways they make those shoes. Then we moved on to how they make some of their other materials, their jackets and jerseys. It was really exciting to see the way they made the football jerseys so close to the Super Bowl. After, it was time to test our skills on the obstacle courses, then the 40-yard dash. It was another beautiful day at Beacon.

We're thrilled with the opportunity our Beacon youth had to learn more about Nike's history and to celebrate the Super Bowl together.


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