An Afternoon at Eldridge Street with our Board President, Steve Schall

Aug 30, 2013 | Steve Schall

I've been hanging around 184 Eldridge Street for what I guess is most of my life. The other day I brought a dear friend to see what we do. It was an inspiring and fun visit -- both familiar and new.

The familiar:

  • Talking with the always-welcoming 1st floor front desk staff. The day's topics: Newark politics, sports, and the bodega employee across the street who hasn't aged a day in two decades.
  • Hearing an employee's story about the transformative role US has played in his life.
  • Seeing napping kids in day care (just some of the 300+ kids whose parents trust US every day).

Early ChildhoodThe new:

  • Being led by Executive Director Melissa Aase into the bowels of 184 Eldridge (okay, the basement), once the home to NYC's first baths in the early 1900s, now a place that FEMA employees envision (Melissa said "salivate") as a command center when/if the next disaster hits.
  • Listening to the Early Head Start Director tell me (and my friend) about the national excellence our program is achieving and the confidence that discerning foundation funds have in our work.

A pretty good day. Why don't you come by for a visit?

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