A Night at The Museum with Our Beacon Program

Jul 3, 2012 | | categories: Education

On June 30, our Beacon families attended a sleepover at the Museum of Natural History. Students and their parents bonded while enjoying activities including an amazing documentary on how stars are born in the Planetarium, a flashlight fossil hunt, bed time stories, a live wolf, plus access to the museum exhibits. The night was a huge success, and we'd like to thank our Beacon staff and families for helping out with this memorable night. And a special thanks to the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development for organizing the evening! Check out a letter from one of our Beacon mothers describing her and her daughter's experience at the museum below:

Dear University Settlement and the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development,

On behalf of the University Settlement Beacon/East Side families who attended the sleep the over, I extend to you both a brontosaur-sized THANK YOU!! To say the experience was great would be an understatement.  It was truly a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for us, and we are so appreciative and grateful you invited us.

For my daughter and I, it helped reinforce the idea that learning can be fun.  It also opened the door to a discussion about careers and finding something that makes you happy, as well as the endless choices there can be if she sets her sights on a goal and works hard towards it.  From being a zoologist to help rescue endangered animals, like Atka the grey Artic wolf (my daughter's favorite type of animal), to being a marine biologist who studies the bioluminescence of the anglerfish, to being a paleontologist who uncovers the earth's past, or to being an astrophysicist looking past the earth and beyond to the stars and solar system, she learned that the world is her oyster and her possibilities are endless.

It is these moments that stay with us forever, and can become defining moments in our lives.  So again, thank you giving us such precious memories, and who knows perhaps a defining moment that will lead one (or some) of our kids to greatness.

Best regards,
Parent, East Side Community School

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