Adult Literacy Students in NYU's Literacy Review!

Jul 25, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

Last spring, we told you that three University Settlement Adult Literacy Program students - Lucy Liu, Walter Wan, and Grace Guo - had their writing included in the Literacy Review, which is published by the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  You can now see a video from a special Literacy Review reading held last May... continue

A Night at The Museum with Our Beacon Program

Jul 3, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

On June 30, our Beacon families attended a sleepover at the Museum of Natural History. Students and their parents bonded while enjoying activities including an amazing documentary on how stars are born in the Planetarium, a flashlight fossil hunt, bed time stories, a live wolf, plus access to the museum exhibits. The night was a huge success, and we'd like to thank our Beacon staff and families for helping out with this memorable night. And a special thanks to the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development for organizing the evening! Check out a letter from one of our Beacon mothers describing her and her daughter's experience at the museum below: continue

June Adult Literacy Student of the Month

Jun 15, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

Our last Student of the Month for this school year is Benli Wang, also known as Charlie. He's in Class 2C. His teacher Rob said he was a great student, and so he nominated him. Watch a video of him being interviewed by Class 2B... continue

May Adult Literacy Student of the Month

May 17, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

We would like to congratulate our newest student of the month, Qun Qing Ye. Helen has been living in the United States for 6 years and has recently passed her US Citizenship Test. Watch a short video interview with Qun Qing (Helen). continue

Three University Settlement Students Published in the Literacy Review!

May 11, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

Every year, NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study publishes a collection of writing by adult literacy students in New York City. The school also holds writing classes, taught by June Foley, right here at University Settlement every Friday. We're pleased to announce that three University Settlement students have stories included in this year's Literacy Review: Grace Guo, Walter Wan, and Lucy Liu. continue

Panoply Performance Laboratory Show!

Apr 13, 2012 | see full post | categories: Arts

 PPL's new opera NATURE FETISH is for seven-year-olds and scientists. We can't claim that it is "educational theater" nor can we claim that it is solely "experimental music-theater" or "visual arts performance" NATURE FETISH is an opera, a combination of artistic mediums, a hybrid creature made of music, text, actions, movements, objects, space, situations, and humans. continue

Adult Literacy Program Student of the Month

Apr 3, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

The Adult Literacy Program has a new Student of the Month, Hui Lan Zhao! Watch her video! continue

Your Advocacy Road Map to StepUp!

Mar 15, 2012 | see full post | categories: Advocacy

Take Action and Step Up TODAY!

You might have noticed the start of advocacy season with an influx of emails, posts and tweets urging you to contact your local representatives on behalf of the many vital services provided by organizations like University Settlement. Making a phone call, sending an email or signing a petition might seem like a small contribution for a cause worthy of a lot of time – but that action goes a long way when combined with the effort of others. continue

Guest Post: The Magic of Play in a Digital World

Mar 13, 2012 | see full post | categories: Arts

Celebrated author Maggie Jackson joined educator Richard Lewis and The Performance Project for the latest in a series of three conversations titled "Advocates of the Immeasurable." The series, hosted by Lewis, is part of The Performance Project's FREE Monday Night Salon Series. The next and final conversation will take place on April 30 at 7:30PM in Speyer Hall at University Settlement. continue

Introducing Adult Literacy’s Student of the Month: Khanh Au

Feb 27, 2012 | see full post | categories: Education

University Settlement's Adult Literacy Student of the Month aims to highlight students who have shown dedication to their studies, overcome challenges, and accomplished personal goals. Every month we will be selecting an exemplary student who have helped make the class a positive learning environment and they'll be telling us their story. Read more about our first Student of the Month, Khanh Au. continue

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