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The Performance Project @ University Settlement is a public performance series presenting high quality work from established, emerging and new artists. As an incubator for art as social practice, we believe greater participation in the live arts can improve the quality of individual and community life. 

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Creativity, Capital and Community: A conversation about Lower East Side gentrification, settlement houses and the arts

Hosted by The Brooklyn Commune and Culturebot

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 7:00pm

Admission is free!


It's no secret that the incredible pace of gentrification over the past several decades has affected artists' abilities to live and work comfortably in New York City. This, combined with decreased funding for community-based organizations providing essential services to low income residents, has made valuing the arts and recognizing the needs of artists a challenge for the social sector.

This conversation, facilitated by Risa Shoup and Alison Fleminger for The Brooklyn Commune and University Settlement, will discuss issues around gentrification, affordability, and changes in fundraising and philanthropic giving. A focus on the Lower East Side will highlight the settlement house model and the unique opportunities it offers to expand conversations between artists, low income communities, administrators, funders and policy-makers. The event will take its cues off of the broader initiatives of the Brooklyn Commune to activate continued public discourse on the economics of cultural reproduction.

The Brooklyn Commune is a grassroots initiative organized by Culturebot and the Invisible Dog Arts Center. The project's goal is to create an artist-driven vision of a healthy arts ecosystem in America and to bring artists, institutions, administrators and funders together for mutually respectful, open non-hierarchical discourse around difficult topics such as resource allocation, capital, value, labor, aesthetics and quality of life. Through public events and months of directed research, a final paper will be constructed and formally presented in January 2014.


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