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Dragon's Egg Presents

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1:30pm

Online Tickets: $15 General Admission ($20 at door)
$10 Seniors and Students ($15 at door)

Cash only at the door


Dragon's Egg Presents

Presented by Marya Ursin of the Mystic Paper Beasts
Presented as a Curated Rental of The Performance Project @ University Settlement

Eight recent artists-in-residence at the Dragon's Egg will present excerpts from work - solo/duet/group, that will range from song to dance theatre to comic improv to dramatic monologue. The themes will range from dreamscape to social justice; maybe literary or maybe audience generated; maybe body focussed, stylized, deconstructed; may include vocal or instrumental performance. Performers: Brynne Billingsley, Clare Byrne, Lesley Farlow, Greyzone (Lindy Fines and co.), Ara Fitzgerald, Claire Porter, Jason Rabin, the Raving Jaynes (Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham), setGo (Shura Baryshnikov and dancers). Marya Ursin, executive director of the Egg, is thrilled to be presenting a sample of the fine work generated at the Dragon's Egg.

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Photo credit: Anna M. Maynard
Featured: Sarah Konner and Shura Baryshnikov


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