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The Construction Company: STEPPING OUT

Friday, December 7, 2018 at 8:00pm | Speyer Hall | 184 Eldridge St

Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 8:00pm | Speyer Hall | 184 Eldridge St

Tickets starting at $10.00


Dances by Jeffrey Bauer, Sally Bowden, Beth Leonard, Rebekah Windmiller

JEFFREY Bauer dance of dad is a journey through a dreamlike landscape juxtaposing the epic and the domestic. A man witnesses his own family members transforming in front of him, his son becoming a leopard and his wife an insect. In Dancing with Louis Sally Bowden continues to explore her long-time interest in change of weight, balance and unpredictability. Beth Leonard will present a new tragi-comic caper that follows the robust chaos of its two characters' ceaseless inability to ascertain their place in the cosmos. Rebekah Windmiller 's new solo dance will be interrupted by a series of short duets with several guest dancers.

JEFFREY BAUER has been presenting new modern choreography since 1996. In addition to numerous performances in the Northeast U.S., Mr. Bauer has also presented his work in Japan, Belgium and France. The New York Times calls Mr. Bauer "a quietly luminous dancer" (2001) whose work is "a playful maze...of controlled but airy patterns in space." (2000)

SALLY BOWDEN has presented her work at The Construction Company, University Settlement, Merce Cunningham Studio, and many loft performance spaces in New York City, and has also toured extensively throughout the country. She often makes improvisation an integral part of the performance structure, taking modular dance ideas and expanding them in performance. She has created works in collaboration with choreographer Bryan Hayes, Texas composer Jerry Hunt, and choreographer Scott Caywood.

BETH LEONARD began performing in Chicago as an ensemble member of the improvisational Dream Theater. She has been dancing and creating work in NYC since 1980. Leonard was for many years an arts administrator at Spoke the Hub Dancing and was a finance manager at Gibney Dance. She recently created and performed an outdoor clowning work with collaborator Sarah Pope that will be presented again this fall at BRIC Theater's Fall Clown Festival.

REBEKAH WINDMILLER is a dancer and choreographer who has been making work since 1982. Her works have been seen in many venues. Whistleblower, premiered at the Kitchen in 1993, explored text, story and movement. In Room Under the Roof, Windmiller employed everyday objects into a dance performed in her bedroom, later setting the piece on The Kitchen's stage. Other works have been seen at The Knitting Factory, Movement Research at Judson Church, The Construction Company, The Merce Cunningham Studio, Danspace Project, and the Minnesota Fringe Festival. In addition to stage performance, Windmiller has created works in parks, on piers, and for the camera.


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