20 City Something: Benefit Performance

Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 8:00pm

Join us for a special Benefit Evening on Saturday, March 24 and help us shine a spotlight on a current and crucial issue!


20 City Something is theater devised to deliver the raw and the real. It combines spoken word, movement, video and hip hop to give voice to a brigade of young adults embedded within New York City after-school programs. They are on a mission to heal all wounds inflicted by bad teaching, media overload and elitist notions of art. Watch them push through the front lines to establish the new avant-garde.

PLAY TANK is a performance ensemble composed of young adults who work in after-school youth programs. We engage in weekly collaborative play to discover how to most effectively cultivate and facilitate creative environments for youth. We are founded on the belief that creatively challenging ourselves is essential to our personal and professional development as community leaders and educators.


If the 50% proposed cuts to after-school funding goes through, by September 2012, 71 programs in Manhattan will be reduced to 29. Many have articulated the devastating effects these cuts will have on children and parents, but we must also consider the fate of the young adults employed by these programs. Despite their commitment to serve youth, they will be forced to face a staggering rate of young adult unemployment.


Learn how you can support our innovative approach to professional development for after school youth workers. Invest in our young adults who demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives of NYC children.

Be an Advocate for $35 (the average price of an Off-Broadway show) and attend a pre-show reception at 7PM, receive one raffle ticket and one drink at our cast party directly following the show.

Be a True Player for $90 (the average price of a Broadway show) and attend a pre-show reception at 7PM, receive two raffle tickets and two drinks at our cast party directly following the show.


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