Support University Settlement as we help New Yorkers rebuild after Hurricane Sandy

Nov 4, 2012 |

Dear Friends,

Hurricane Sandy wreaked enormous devastation on New York City, affecting millions of families. While Sandy's destruction didn't discriminate based on tax-bracket, her lasting impact in many instances will.

When an hourly worker's wages are docked because he or she can't get into work, that's a vital paycheck lost.

When a week's groceries spoil in a powerless refrigerator and the money to buy food won't come for days, that's a child regularly going to bed hungry.

When a low-income apartment is flooded and all belongings are ruined, that's a family driven one step closer to the poverty they worked so hard to pull out of.

Disasters hit low-income New Yorkers harder than most, with an impact that lasts long after relief crews have left. That's when University Settlement's most important work begins. You can help us support New Yorkers facing serious post-storm threats by making a donation today

During the storm and the days after, University Settlement staff and volunteers were on the ground providing emergency support, including:

  • Delivering over 20,000 meals to home-bound seniors throughout the Lower East Side and Chinatown, in conjunction with our community partners;
  • Serving hundreds of hot meals at our Senior Center, which also served as a warming center;  
  • Providing a hot shower or power station or just a warm place to stay at our Houston Street Center.

But for many families the darkest days may be ahead. Together, we will:

  • provide counseling to those suffering the trauma of dislocation;
  • help families on the financial cliff avoid eviction and financial ruin because of lost earnings;
  • assist those who have lost their homes or belongings to connect with benefits;
  • provide meals and continuity to seniors affected by the storm;
  • give families and youth a place to go to connect and take part in enrichment activities.

During times of distress, the City that prides itself on being fiercely independent takes care of each other; it is part of who we are.

I am deeply inspired by the support and dedication of so many who have already aided recovery efforts, including our own staff, volunteers, peer organizations, and first responders.

We can keep that caring going so those most affected continue to receive the help they need.  Thank you for your support.   

May you and your family be safe and warm.

Michael H. Zisser, CEO


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