Help US restore our arts program for cancer patients at Bellevue!

Jul 14, 2015 |

Founded in 1994 on the belief that "medicine cures the body, but art heals the spirit", The Creative Center (TCC) at University Settlement is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing arts programming to people living with cancer and other chronic illnesses.
TCC's Hospital Artist-In-Residence (AIR) Program employs trained, professional artists to bring art-making experiences to thousands of oncology patients, family members, caregivers and healthcare staff in hospitals and cancer centers throughout NYC every year.

Since 2002, TCC has been in residence at Bellevue Hospital, the oldest and one of the largest public hospitals in the US. Serving a large medically underserved and immigrant community, our AIR's work both individually and in small groups, presenting a wide variety of art projects and processes to create a convivial, relaxed atmosphere from one that is normally (as one nurse stated) "electric with fear." Lack of funding has reduced our vibrant program to just one day per week. You can help US change that by making a gift online now!

The program enables hospitals to offer their patients a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • Distraction from pain
  • Respite from boredom
  • A safe outlet for their emotions
  • Extended contact with a caring and supportive individual, which can augment the hospital's patient-support services

TCC's AIR program has been hugely impactful in getting people to return to the hospital for ongoing medical appointments and treatment. For some it has been their first time experiencing artistic expression; for others it has been a source of comfort, community and joy. The Creative Center has helped thousands of patients, from diagnosis through survivorship, discover the benefits of creativity as a tool for coping with their illness.
Please help us restore the full program that has been so important in helping Bellevue's patients in their cancer journey.

Make a contribution online now!

Watch our video about the impact our program at Bellevue Hospital has!


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