Artists-in-Residence in the News

Apr 6, 2016 |

Two of the Performance Project's Artists-in-Residence made local headlines with their curated show with us, Tragedy in Spades. Katherine Brook & Liza Birkenmeier / TELE-VIOLET were featured in the Brooklyn Rail and in Culturebot earlier this week for their work, which you still have a chance to see on April 8 and 9 - get your tickets now!

Check out a few highlights from the articles:

'The cast was comprised of twelve actors who inhabited an array of different characters…..The group was diverse, reflective of New York City's diversity — another conscious reminder of where we really were, a choice that revealed an understanding of place. Every town has a feel and manner particular unto itself, and by keeping the story-tellers of this performance true to our present place, our awareness of Flier's Thumb, Missouri was amplified.'  -Culturebot

'The company Brook has assembled is made up of veteran performers she has used before and younger actors from University Settlement performance programs. This provides an intense ensemble experience for both groups. In rehearsal, there is an aura of rigor and focus that is admirable and attractive. "What I love most about the varying experience levels of the cast is that it requires a new and obvious sort of trust and communication in the ensemble," Birkenmeier writes. "They have to support one another; their dynamics and symbiosis are as important as the rigor of performance. It is impossible to forget that generosity is the center of the process, and their varying skills and perspectives render the most important presence—that of a community uniting—honestly."

Brook points out that the group is constantly witnessing each other in an active process: "They are all in a flow together, supporting one another, so even when they are not representing a particular character, they are still playing participants in the overall reenactment ceremony." ' -Brooklyn Rail


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