DIY Gala

April 30, 2020


All kidding aside, our programs would not be possible without your generous support so please consider making a life-changing gift to University Settlement today.

For sponsorship opportunities, click here.
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For further information or to charge by phone,
Please contact Jessica Wolf (212)-453-0274 or
All contributions are fully tax-deductible.
Please inquire if your company has a matching gift program.


Alan P. Winters

Benjamin Schall and Jeannie Mun

Steven and Lacey Perricone
Leah and Clayton Pope
David Shapiro and Liz Lange

Harly Stevens
Brooke and Mark Pederson

Emma and Jason Bloch
Janice Lee and Stuart Shapiro
New York University
Steven Schall and Alyce Russo

Arthur Bellini
Arthur Chang and Allison Thrush
Renee Eubanks
Kirsten and Peter Kern

Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
Ellen Schall and Steve Kelban
David Sorkin and Amy Davidson
Ian and Tessa Zilla

Leonard Berman and Dr. Lori Zeltser
Nancy Drosd and Charles Schwartz
Ronni and John Fisher
Sandeep Mathrani
Richard and Marie Schall
Hilary Spann
Andrew Zhu
Michael Zisser and Marsha Morton

Christiane Amanpour and James Rubin
Michelle and Bert Bacharach
April and Jim Benson
Margaret and Corey Benson
Yona Benyamini
Alex Blue
David DiPietro
Maggie Dollard
Richard Drescher and Kara Cummings
Sheldon Firstenberg
Allison Freidland
Nadia Gagnier
Cathy Gins
Irma Gonzalez
John Gray
Patrick Grunbok
Brian Harper
James Kagen
Rochelle Kaplan
Joshua Meltzer
David Leon and Barbara Hansberry
Norman and Melanie Mintz
Robert Moore and Mary Ann Chiulli
Liron Nelik
Amanda Peck
David Providenti
Carol Samol
Gayle Sanders
Dr. Lawrence Schall
Lisa Schiller
Eric Silver and Chiya Ikemi
Loretta and Dennis Spates
Nancy Wackstein
Melinda Williams and Mark Murray


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