Eric Weingartner, Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Aase, Executive Director

Alice D. Kearney, Executive Secretary (212) 453-4555

Catherine Carpentieri, Director of Development

Peter Gee, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Irma Gonzalez, Chief Financial Officer

Takiema Bunche-Smith, Associate Executive Director, Early Childhood Programs

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Information Technology Director

Perry Guilianti, Director of Facilities 

Sheila Matlin, Director of Human Resources

Laura Timme, Associate Executive Director, Youth, Adult and Community Engagement


Mary AdamsManaging Director of Mental Health and Wellness

Rosemarie Bikales, Social Services Director, Children's Corner

Michelle Bonet, Program/Educational Director, Children's Corner Early Childhood Center

Marilus Castellanos, Program Director, Healthy Families

Bonnie Cohen, Senior Program Director, Children Under 5

Tonia Cristofaro, Director of Program Evaluation, Early Head Start

Yesenia De La Cruz, Director, Early Head Start (Brooklyn)

Barbara DiGangi, Program Director, Family Support Program

Jade Elias, Program Director, Youth Programs (Brooklyn)

Alison Fleminger, Director of Arts

Monique Flores, Senior Director of Youth and Community Programs (Manhattan)

Kenya George, Community Schools Director, East Flatbush

Robin Glazer, Program Director, The Creative Center at University Settlement

Shana Hewitt, Senior Program Director, Early Head Start

Wen Juan Huang, Associate Clinical Director, Consultation Center

Michael Hunter, Program Director, Adult Literacy

Maria Mavrides, Educational Director, Creative Steps

Lakeya Michel, Program Director, Mental Health and Case Management Services

An Jeanette Paredes, Senior Program Director, Early Learn Sites

Gail Purvis, Director, Consultation Center

Angela Risman-Vayner, Director, Early Intervention

Joyce Rittenburg, Program Director, Creative Steps

Leida Rivera, Program/Family Services Director

Carmen Rivera, Program Director, Family Day Care

Gregory Robertson, Program Director, Youth Programs (Manhattan)

Jackie Robinson, Program Director, Atlantic Terminal Community Center

Michele Rodriguez, Program Director, Older Adults

Angel Sacarello, Site Director, Campos Plaza Community Center

Anthony Shaw, Senior Director of Youth and Community Programs (Brooklyn)

Alison Smith, Director of Operations, Houston Street Center

Mike Swigert, Assistant Director, College Paths

Jennifer Vallone, Senior Program Director, Project Home

Jewel Vaughn, Educational Director, Creative Steps

Eva Wong, Director of Programs & Engagement, Houston Street Center


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